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Human Development Agency


Oratory Glory is a human development agency serving trailblazing creatives, socially conscious companies, and forward thinking colleges globally. We create collaborative learning experiences, formative events, and innovative products and tools that inspire and activate artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs to live outstanding lives.


We Ensure Our Clients and Communities

Thrive and Expand

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Educational Innovation

We envision and execute mission aligned education strategy for personal and professional development. We collaboratively design human-centered courses and learning experiences for reaching full potential.

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Systems-wide Knowledge Creation and Exchange

We develop curriculum, trainings and systems to support remote, millennial, and multi-generational teams in improving cross-cultural and cross-company communication.

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Relationship Development and Management

We train sales, customer service, and public-facing teams to use compassionate communication and storytelling to improve relationship management.

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Accurate, Artful Storytelling

We coach leaders and executives to develop and confidently share compelling stories about their why in tandem with their organizational story in high stakes moments.


Signature Experiences


Believing authentic, empowered communication to be just the first touch point for self-actualization and communal growth, we currently offer two multi-level signature experiences, instrumental for the enterprising individual looking to own their voice and leave their mark.

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Be Heard

We believe the voices of the next generation need the right tools to guide us into a brighter future. That's why we launched Be Heard in 2015. It’s a 5-day immersive course where young creatives cultivate public speaking, interpersonal communication, digital advocacy, and personal brand development skills to make an impact.

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Tell Me About Yourself

A book, community challenge, podcast, and international tour featuring interactive multi-disciplinary learning experiences Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY) is based on our founder, Holley M. Murchison's proven 6-step training process designed to bolster confidence and authentic communication in life’s most vulnerable moments.


Trusted by Companies Big and Small

We reached out to Oratory Glory to help our engineers be awesome at public speaking, so we can talk about what we do at Spotify in the best way possible. Oratory Glory tailored an effective, hands-on training for us that made our engineers very happy and gave them the tools to get on stage and shine.
— Simon Cohen. Engineering Manager, Spotify
Oratory Glory has been an integral partner for Code2040’s TAP Program, facilitating learning spaces for our students where they are empowered to own and tell their stories in ways that elevate their experiences and make them the foremost expert of their own narratives.

OG’s responsiveness to our programmatic needs, willingness to collaborate on workshops and curriculum and their overall cultural competency in working in and around communities of color have made them an exemplary partner.
— Mimi Fox Melton. Director, Community Mobilization, Code2040
Oratory Glory was my game changer. Prior to working with Holley, I didn’t know how to communicate what I did without waves of anxiety compromising my message. Today I command $5000 or more for speeches!

Working with Oratory Glory allowed me to become more comfortable with telling my story. We created my signature presentation and mined my life for my impactful stories. Working with Holley has made all the difference in my personal life and career.
— Tonya Rapley. Founder, My Fab Finance