Leave Your Mark

Oratory Glory is a global human development and education production agency based in Winston Salem, NC. We believe that actualized individuals in the workforce inspire innovation and instigate change.

Driven by this belief, our work is focused on helping multidisciplinary professionals cultivate the mindsets, attitudes, and skills to act on personal and communal potential.


In the U.S. alone, 78% of professionals feel that their skills learned at school are currently incongruent with those demanded of them in the world of work, particularly when it comes to what we consider soft skills like communication. And 86% of employers and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

In a turbulent socio‐political and economic climate, we believe now is a critical time to learn to navigate the nuances of interpersonal communication and show up as our most empowered selves. Especially as it relates to the marginalized voices of POC, women, and LGBTQ creative leaders who influence culture most.

Why We Care


Using education as a means for social good, we curate and produce humanity-centric experiences, products and tools for multidisciplinary professionals to cultivate the skills to realize their potential, connect across difference, and champion ideas that effect change.

Working in partnership with global artist & entrepreneur communities, socially conscious companies, and forward thinking educational institutions, all that we create is specifically focused on intra- and interpersonal communication, self-development, and leadership - traditionally underdeveloped skills that we believe to be the foundation of inspiring and instigating innovation and change.

Our Approach

Signature Experiences

Thoughtfully curated to include a mix of learning labs, residencies, pop-ups, community talks, and special events, Oratory Glory experiences are one part education and praxis, one part social experience, and one part professional opportunity.

Illustration by  Yukai Du

Illustration by Yukai Du

Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY)

For companies and creative minds who struggle to compellingly talk about the layers of themselves and their work; learn how to authentically discuss your craft, foster genuine connections, and confidently articulate your purpose and value when the stakes are high.

Photo by  Paige Ricks

Photo by Paige Ricks

Be Heard

An intensive course for young creatives (ages 17 - 22) to cultivate public speaking, interpersonal communication, digital advocacy, and personal brand development skills to make an impact in the evolving workforce.

Photo by    Frank Erpinar

Photo by Frank Erpinar

Speaker Residency

A hybrid program that champions cultural and intellectual diversity by training emerging POC, LGBTQ and women identified leaders to create and connect to multi-industry opportunities to spread ideas on global stages.