Our Team

Outside of our core operational team, we’ve carefully curated a collaborative peer network of multidisciplinary experts who jump at the chance to help solve grand challenges. From educators, experience designers, and communication and content strategists; to research scientists, anthropologists, and curriculum developers, we have over 15 years of experience in creative, strategic and leadership roles across advertising, education, food, fashion, tech and more.

Depending on the complexity and scope, we come together as needed for a range of different projects. .


Holley M. Kholi-Murchison
Founder & CEO

I'm a lifelong learner and doer who favors people over product and collaboration over competition. I draw on lessons from 15+ years of leadership roles at fast-paced companies, high schools, and colleges to inform business development and strategic projects at OG. 


Carrie Y. T. Kholi-Murchison., Ph.D.
Communications & Content Director

I hold a B.A. in English Arts and a Ph.D. in Literatures in English. With more than a decades' worth of experience doing everything from ghostwriting to editorial direction, it’s safe to say I’m your favorite communicator’s favorite communicator.


Our Strategy and Education Partners

Khafra & Co. is a dream incubator investing in communal actualization. Khafra offers Oratory Glory high-level strategic external communications guidance, overseeing the development and execution of our message platform and visual brand identity. In addition, Khafra schedules, plans and realizes our events and community engagement components.

FEWOFMANY is a creative consultancy who partners with progressive companies and help them grow by providing them with creative direction and business strategy solutions. FEWOFMANY helps us craft and plan big ideas, along with providing creative direction and execution of our brand identity, marketing, digital presence, and product offering. 


A community centric design studio that collaborates with people, brands and organizations to build considered solutions. Combining superb taste, deep research and exceptional execution to craft unique solutions that deliver on community interest and maximize business objectives.