TMAY Experiences

TMAY Experiences are one part education and praxis, one part social experience, and one part professional development. We tailor them to focus on intra- and interpersonal communication, and self-development and leadership — traditionally underdeveloped skills we believe to be the foundation of instigating innovation.

In a social, political, and economic climate that demands our attention to equity and impact, each experience offers creative professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and students - across a variety of disciplines - a new and equalizing perspective and toolkit for better articulating their value and personal contributions to the world.

Our Process

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Discovery and Goal Setting

To gain a better understanding of your team’s culture, challenges, and needs, we issue a brief assessment to develop up to 3 tangible learning objectives for your TMAY experience.

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Experience Design

Using our assessment insights, we tailor the TMAY experience to ensure your team walks away with specific, actionable tips, and strategies.

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Facilitation and Follow-up

After your experience, we share recap footage, photos and facilitate a post-mortem session in addition to a 30/60/90-day impact assessment to support your progress.

Learning Options

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Community Forum

(2 hours)

Holley M. Murchison delivers her keynote address, Become Who You Are, before moderating a discussion with local artists, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals sharing their career journeys, barriers, and how they continue to overcome them to drive personal and societal transformation. Highlighting steps from the Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY) book, through this format,  attendees learn how to:

  • Source internal values to craft an honest, compelling personal narrative,

  • Use that narrative to initiate more meaningful conversations that foster genuine connections and partnerships and,

  • Cultivate and sustain the confidence to propel ideas to action while creating the future


(1/2 day - multi-day)

Designed for companies and creative minds with promising ideas who struggle to compellingly talk about the layers of themselves and their work. The storylab guides participants through the TMAY 6-step process to develop a new introduction for their most challenging conversational moments.  

The experience is an intimate, interactive opportunity to learn how to authentically discuss your craft, foster genuine connections, and confidently articulate your purpose and value when the stakes are high.


(1/2 day - multi-day)

A multimedia installation designed to get better acquainted with local communities through micro-podcasts, video interviews, and intimate profiles that seek to explore and document:

  • Barriers faced and changes sought across intrapersonal, interpersonal, narrative, and leadership communication (personally and professionally),

  • Passions and desired contributions to education, the workplace, and the world at large and,

  • Resources and access desired in regard to personal and professional communication, development, empowerment, belonging, and problem-solving